A bit about me:

I’m an eternal optimist. I like to think I’m an all around nice guy, but most days I find myself alternating somewhere between the extremes of being a selfish asshole and the most generous person you’ll ever know. Maybe I’m manic; or maybe as a Libra, it’s just my nature to try to balance my worst traits with my best.

I find myself excited and intrigued by ingenuity, creativity, kindness, compassion, nature, mountains, storms, architecture, design, and animals of all sizes and stripes.

I’m passionate about the human condition and nearly always find myself drawn to the underdog. Prone to excesses myself, I feel alarmed by imbalances in power, economic situations, and uncertainty.

I find it terribly sad that in a world with seemingly infinite resources, there are those that have nothing. I want to do everything within my power to change that.

…but enough about me, let’s talk about you, what do you think about me?


2 thoughts on “A bit about me:

  1. Having met the selfish asshole and most generous person I think I can say this blog should be very interesting.

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